Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear 2011 self,

Hey, today is the 31st and 2012 is patiently waiting to set up shop. I'm writing to recap our year, okay?

2011 was.... okay. Nothing to derail your progress. Talking about progress, where was yours? This year was stalemate. Nothing was planned or executed, why? Get it together in '12. You are too skilled and too smart to live averagely.

However, I'm excited for next year (tomorrow). You're getting married in June. Yay! And who we fooling, FINALLY! But I also want you to finish school. You won't be happy until you do. I know you're working on finding another job opportunity so I'm going to give you a pass on that.

Strengthen your bonds. I know, I know. But make an effort. Spend more time with your sisters. Take your mother out sometimes.

Save. Anything. $10 a week. Just save. Oh and pay your bills on time.

Social life:
Expand your circle. Attend different venues and events. Network.

Love life:
Make time with Officer. Do random nice things for him. Be and stay committed.

Have patience. Laugh with them more. Cherish their childhood. Be more creative in the time you spend with them. Build memories.

2012 will be your year. This is the building phase. Laying the foundation for your future. Plan wisely. Use the right materials. And don't take everything so seriously.

Love and Toodles

Laughter: doctor prescribed

"If you make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything."
-Marilyn Monroe

*head nod*


If it only was that simple...

Basically a list on how to be a human...

Friday, December 30, 2011

Jobs interviews are pouring in. I got a call today while I was driving back from trying on wedding dresses Yay! Double yay! I totally want to throw my two week notice in my district manager's face at this point but nah I need to chill.

Wedding Dress update: Everything was cool. A couple of bumps at the beginning of the consultation however. I registered and saved a couple of my favorite dresses online for Generic Bridal Company to have for me to try on for my appointment.

Did that happen? Nope. Apparently all the dresses I liked and saved were discontinued or online only. My dresses were also under $300. All the wedding dresses that were pulled for me I didn't like except a silk form fitting number that was definitely the silhouette I was going for. Even though I wasn't able to try on the dresses I wanted to, the consultation did help me find out my dress size. So some good did come from it.

I also spend time with sisters and sister in law. Can you say estrogen?









Thursday, December 29, 2011

A shortie

Heard word back from the job I interviewed with way back when. My background came back Of course clear and I just have to wait for a scheduled ride a long. A mini day in the life so I can get a feel for the position. I can't wait to tell this 10-7 job to shove it. *devil horns*

Tomorrow I go to try on wedding dresses and do some planning at the venue. Six months to go and I need to buckle down. I'm thinking about changing photographers and meet with my original choice Tuesday. I'm doing semi big things :-) I have one more hour left at work and I'm praying that God speeds it up. My body aches for my bed. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.... Oh so weak. 


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Makes You Go, Huh?

1. Republican congressman Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin was overheard talking about the First Lady's booty in the Delta Lounge at Reagan Airport. His husky self had the nerve to say First Lady Obama doesn't practice what she preaches because Michelle "lectures us on eating right while she has a large posterior herself." Apparently this wasn't the first time he has made the remark. I want him to have a petite seat here --------> \_

2. For some reason the word tattoos and the rapper Drake go together now.
Why Ma'am? Why did you tattoo this dude's name on your face? 

More googling revealed this..


And then we found out that Drake's obsession with Aaliyah has manifested itself on his back. Oh Drake. Did Lil Wayne approve of that tattoo? Because...

 Lil Kim I want you to come out with a hot album and rip Nicki Minaj to small plastic pieces. But Biggie is dead and I don't know who will write your bars anymore. This picture is dope especially if you ignore the 5 lbs photoshopped from your arms. I will also ignore your "new" face.


You're fat, I'm Not: The Jennifer Hudson edition


Weight Watchers, I see what you were doing here. But it doesn't work. The cutting and pasting was sloppy done. I'm puzzled on why Jennifer Hudson would agree to sing to her former overweight self Other than the money The execution missed the mark, You're OUT!


Oh, I forgot this isn't a reality show judging. But I will note how badly Jennifer used still over sing. My ears are mildly pissed.

Til you read again, I BELIEVE IN YOU!


Sunday, December 25, 2011



Undefeated at Home

Who dat?

My Baltimore Ravens !!!

Yes Flacco was inconsistent. Good 1st half, dead second half.
Yes Suggs was quiet. Must of skipped a class of Ball So Hard University.
Yes our receiving core need to catch those balls.
Yes Oher needs to get his blind side checked.
Yes Ed Reed needs to wrap up on his tackles.
Yes I'm glad Cundriff is out.
Yes Ray Lewis looked slow.

But we're Playoffs bound and that's all that matters right now.


Christmas Time is HEREEEE

It's 4 mins until Christmas and I'm excited! When I was younger, I always heard people say that it's better to give than receive and for once I agree. I got Officer the best gift ever and I can't want until he sees it.

If I don't blog later today Which I probably won't...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mayweather, keep the boxing in the ring


That Rico Sauve dude is not funny in the least. Mayweather pleaded guilty to misdemeanor domestic violence. He's accused of hitting and threatening to kill the mother of his children. Absolute appalling... anyway, Mayweather will serve:
90 days in jail
Pay a fine of $2500 (a penny to him)
100 hrs of community service
12 months of a domestic violence programs
Do I think Floyd will learn his lesson? Perhaps. Will anyone challenge him in jail? No. Do people pay me for my opinion? Nah.


Flacco was wacko Sunday

My boys are terrible on prime time and away games,


Happy pre holidays! Christmas is steady knocking on the door patiently waiting to bum rush. It doesn't "feel" like Christmas at all. Today is in the mid 60s. Color me confused.

Work is bullshit. *skip down*

The only real news I have is that switched from Sprint. Big gasp. I'm with Verizon now but I'm already having regrets. I kid all the time that my decision maker is broken but I'm wondering if it's true...

Oh, I went to the gym twice last week but my work schedule for the holidays have prevented me from during the same this week. Bummer. I'm basically a house right now.

*seriously thinks of something else to write*

That's about it. I'm sure I'll be back before Christmas so see you then ;-)


Saturday, December 17, 2011

*R. Kelly voice* Now normally I don't do this...

But as a favor to my friend, I'm introducing her blog to the few followers and lurkers I have. My friend, Vixen, is into sexual deviancy so if that's not your type of tea, don't go to her page lol. However, on her blog she has awesome specials on "toys" for you or someone special in your life ;)  Just click on the links on her page to order. She's affiliated with Adam and Eve so she always have deals that's exclusive to her blog. Check it out:

or order Adam and Eve products here

Might not be work safe because of wordage but not because of pictures.

The end. Just trying to help a sister out lol


No justice, no peace!

Ayyye! I missed you! Not you, you *points* Work is... bogus. I had to be nice/nasty to my new DM Thursday because I'm not feeling this 10-7 schedule at all. And I discovered that I'm working over time hours and my coworker is working only 3 days a week, huh? Yeah, that definitely doesn't work in the land of Tierraville. My new DM didn't even know I was a new hire :/ But he promises he has hired another employee so my schedule should be crazy anymore... in 2-3 weeks. *face falls* I'm not understanding why their hiring process takes sooooo long BUT I hope I'm on the bus to happy town when the person finally comes into the store. I'll hear from the company I interview for soon because they want to get everyone working by Dec. 30. I've had my hands crossed since Tuesday Day of the interview I want to grow up and get a real job *snaps*

Wedding news.... I sent out all my Save the Dates two weeks ago with a couple being mailed here and there because of people finally sending addresses. I hope to have ordered my dress by the end of this month/early January. Ooop, I forgot. One of my twitter friends boyfriend is a dj and he might perform at my wedding. Hopefully at a reasonable price. I meet with him Sunday to hear some of his mixes etc.

And that's all for now folks. Filling out job applications and working 10-7. Hooray! -_-


The ring didn't mean a thaaang! Vanessa Bryant edition

Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa, filed for divorce yesterday. *smallest violin plays* I also hear a lot of CHING CHING going on because Kobe ain't had no prenup maaaaaan!


I guess that expensive ass, 4 million, 8 carat purplish blue diamond ring Kobe bought Vanessa didn't mean a thaaaaang! *RHoA Kim voice*

Vanessa: I want half Eddie!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm in a hate/love relationship with this blog. Sometimes I can't wait to pour out all my musings, thoughts and passions into this box and other times I just want to press the "delete blog" button.

As much as I want this blog to be a true representation of who I am as a person, I really don't want anyone to really know the real me. I'm made out of so many contradictory parts. I learned a long time ago to remain guarded because some people use your weaknesses like ammo against you.

It's funny how all the stuff about Locks just escaped from my fingers and I struggle writing about my day to day. Locks was the young me. I feel so removed from that person, that life. Which is weird because I had the most personal hardships during that time.

I dunno. I just finished reading some blog entries from this wonderful, self aware individual. She had her feelings all out there, in the prettiest font, for others to read. Whenever I sit down to do the same, I go blank. Sure there's a lot I want to say, but how?



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Interview Update

I believe the interview today went well. The only hiccup I had was at the beginning because I didn't bring a copy of my resume, ouch. All in all, I think I interviewed well enough for the position. I'll be notified within ten days on whether or not I'll be hired *crosses fingers*


A different kind of Christmas tree

I love this idea! But sadly some people don't even have enough books to make 3/4ths of the tree. Maybe you can use cd cases instead? :D


*Pauly D voice* It's interview time!

I'm sooooooo nervous. I have a big interview at 11 am. I want this job more than anything. It's a position where I can use my sales experience to my advantage. I'm doing a lot of self doubting. Ugh. I took notes and notes and more notes to prepare. 

I hope I do well. 



Makes You Go, Huh? Sports Edition

I went off on Joe Flacco's mustache here and he's the winning quarterback of my beloved Baltimore Ravens so you know Mr. Ron Artest Metta World Peace is not exempted. Sir, why? What is a metta? No I do not feeling like googling it.  And by adding 'World Peace' are you offering to contribute to it? And while you were changing names, dying hair your hair blonde and performing on Dancing With the Stars, why didn't you veto your wife's decision to be on Basketball Wives? Not a good look homie.

The name is dumb. Legally changing your name to Metta World Peace is dumb. Having the name on your jersey is dumb. I hope your mother and father? smack you for basically tearing up your birth certificate. Disrespectful ass...

And obviously I extend these same feelings to Chad Johnson Ochocinco, smh.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Play-offs? Play-offs!

Yesterday's win against the Colts took us out of wild card and on top of the AFC North. It feels good up here. *pause*


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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Post Secret of the week

Every Sunday, new secrets are uploaded on The one below has me like, Wow...

A lot of people are in relationships for their children's sake when in fact they have the same feelings as the postcard above. The only difference is they are too ashamed to admit it. Damn shame.

The children are the ones who suffer in the end.


Friday, December 9, 2011

You're not my friend anymore!

Every year since turning 21, I try to improve myself. I give a honest assessment of the direction my life is going and I write down some goals to achieve. A resolution you might say. The list evolves as I near completion of  goals or I lose interest (ha!) December is here and I've been thinking more and more about what I should have on my self improvement list.

Two years ago, one of my goals were to have more female friends. Laugh as you may, but it's hard finding decent friends as adults. I'm not talking about friends or acquaintances you dragged with you from high school or college, but fresh "I need to find out some stuff about you" friends. The quest was hard but I accomplished my goal. I find one friend from craigslist, one from and another from Twitter. And now 2/3 are my bridesmaids :)

But now my mission is different. I want to eliminate some "friends." But, you were just asking for more friends, what the hell? Well... I need to get rid of those people that are stale mate. The ones I call, text, @, or poke and no response. The ones who are never available to go out. The ones who ignore phone calls. Those "friends." And I also want to trim off the ones who don't offer anything. I'm tried of forcing a relationship with uninteresting people. Get some busy about yourself. It's exhausting always having to come up with fantastic things to counter your boring life.

Don't take this as me sitting on a high horse, looking down. I don't even own a step ladder to even climb up. It's just that I want a more enriching social life next year. I've never been one who was always clubbing but I want go to more Happy Hours, dinners, etc. I'm knocking on 30s door so I want to live and let go in my 20s.

Viva good times!


Wacko Flacco

Flacco, yes the Ravens are 9-3. I know you might be feeling yourself and all but what's that hairy caterpillar under your nose? It's already hideous but you shaped it up too? Um, did you ask Ray Lewis for permission to grow that overgrown thingy? Ugh.


Dear Public Diary

Dear Public Diary,

  • *sing to Katy Perry's "Kissed A Girl"* I've worked at my job and I hate it....
  • My 2 year old Lady J went to daycare for the first time and I have daycare guilt.
  • I signed up at a new gym and has only been one day so far.


I received a life and career changing phone call on Tuesday. I'm anxious. Before I go blabbing about it, I'm going to chill. Next week I'll let y'all know how the interview goes. Hopefully no retail skills in my immediate future. Let us pray.


Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm into my emotions in 5, 4, 3, 2-

I had a horrible day. I need a big hug in the worst way. Virtual ones count too.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

What's y'all predication? I'm bias so I'm Ravens all day. 

                       CAW! CAW! CAW!



I don't know which direction to take this blog. Sometimes I like blogging and other times I feel it's a waste of time because no one really comments and there's no true interactions. I know people are reading but I think both Facebook and Twitter spoiled me with the instant gratification of replies. Oh well, I'll hang around maybe making this part exercise/ part wedding planning blog. I dunno.


In a weird twist of fate

I'm now working for Job A. I previously wrote that I was done with Job A because of the mis-communication with the district manager. I went to work for Job B and... I quit the same day. Let me explain.

I was hired as a salaried plus commission sales associate selling cell phones for a major company. The store I was employed had a repair center on site. This will be part of the reason I quit.

I crave commission. This is why I work sales. Great potential for decent money with minimal work or hours. The entire time I worked (10am-330pm) I handled repair orders. The customers come in with their phones and we look up their accounts and send them to the technician. I did at least 10 orders. Not one customer came into the store looking to purchase phones, all repair work.

At first it wasn't an issue. Hey it's only my first day. But at 12, another employee came to work. When the manager left on break, he took me aside and asked me why did I want to work there. I gave him the, I've been in wireless 6 plus years, I'm good at it, etc etc. He cleared his throat and said, No, why do you want to work at this store? You won't make any money.


Before the associate said anything, I was already having doubts. As I was reading the employee manual earlier, I had major questions about the commission structure. The company seemed to penalize you for things the customers did that are out of your control. Example, if a customer is delinquent for 2 mths, you lose half of your commission. Huh? How can you control whether or not someone pays their bills?

The commission system seem rigged. The whistle blowing associate told me that his December check was already gone from customer returns etc. Damn.

So, at 3 pm I took my lunch and while I was eating, I started thinking over all the things that happened at work. And then I decided to not go back. I know, I know unprofessional.

The funny thing is I'm glad that I didn't go back because the girls' school called to tell me their bus broke down. I was less than 10 mins away so I drove and picked them up.

How did I start working for Job A? Well... I called the dm that afternoon and asked when could I start. He said tomorrow (Sat) and the rest is history.


Friday, December 2, 2011

I desire a kiss like this....

I Do-n't!
Can't you tell that they are both are virgins?


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Remember when I said I finally had a job? Well... after a turn of events, I now have two. But wait there's more!

Early November I accept the job offer from Job A.
Week 1 goes by with no word from Job A.
Week 2, I call hiring manager. He gives me my district manager's name and phone number.
I call district manager, he says he'll call me back later that day. No call.
I call DM back the next day. He promises to call me back next week.
I text DM. He says he send payroll paperwork to me.
Waits for paperwork. Texts DM. He claims to send them again. No paperwork.
I give him two email addresses to try. No paperwork.
Week 3.
I call DM and ask to meet him in the field to fill out paperwork. DM gives me date and time.
DM texts to reschedule. Reschedules again.
FINALLY meets DM to fill out paperwork. It's Thursday he says he'll call me back Monday.
Week 4, month. No word from DM.
I look for new job. Gets call from Job B. I interview same day. Offered job on the spot. I take the job offer.
No word from DM.
Receives email from DM requesting paperwork I previously filled out to be filled out again and faxed to him.
F-k Job A.

The crazy thing is Job A is a reputable company. Confused.


I found love in hopeless place...

I found a new supplier. My cable addict is getting out of control. New shows are popping up and I want all the premium channels Officer's check can buy. But after my latest bill where Comcast snatched all their discounts off, I was sick to my stomach. What to do now? Well...

I signed up for Netflix. I'm still in my trial period but I like what I see so far. Yes I know I won't be able to join in on Twitter's rapid fire updates on tv shows but at least I'll be entertained. At the most, I can downgrade and then downgrade some more my cable package.

Netflix for $7.99 is well worth it. My only complaint is how my daughters' viewing habits are interfering with the shows I see displayed but hey, Tierra lubs the kids.

Another thing, I've been begging Comcast onDemand to show Sons of Anarchy from Season 1 (more like checking and hoping) and guess what, Netflix actually suggested the show to me. *sworns*

Viva Netflix until Dec 29? Hmm.... Blog ya later, I have some SOA to watch That's right, I'm using abbreviations now, cool kid club