Monday, March 5, 2012

Sign my Friendship Contract

I seem to have a little problem. Besides not updating this blog on a regular basis, Wedding, School, Work REPEAT! I've been internally venting about my friendships with certain people. You see, two years ago I was basically without friends. Now you might say, gurl, everybody has friends, whatcha mean? Well, I don't categorize everyone as a friend. We're not in kindergarten, just because we know each other, a friend does not make. So I actively went about finding friends.....

Blah blah blah, I already wrote about how I felt about friendship here.

There is a reason for this post. For the past couple of months, I've been in a runt. I've had some weekends where my kids were with auntiegranniedaddy. I was free but had nowhere to go. Scratch that, I had places to go but no one to go with. Yes, Officer and I went out a couple of times but I needed a girl's night out. Drinking, dancing and being acting sexy. But alas, this did not happen. For whatever reason, me, a person with three kids and multiple things going on, has more availability than everyone I know. Who would have thunk it? Other times when I called texted, everyone had plans that I obviously wasn't invited to. *cues tears*

After having an adult temper tantrum this Saturday because I was basically stood up, I declared to my bedroom furniture, I needed new friends!

But how do you ask someone to be your friend? I've meet people at work, the salon and other places, where I thought to myself, Self she could be your friend. But my problem is I don't know how to turn it into exchanging information. Everything I thought up sounded like a pick up line and that's not hot! *bounces like Tamar*
That's right, bounce like me boo, she, me, her!
I definitely need to draft up some friendship contacts and sent them 1st class to my current friends on some Housewives of Atlanta shit. I will be heard! Or invited out.

I'm so into my feelings y'all. :(


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  1. Now you know how men feel when they want to meet a woman...y'all make it hard to meet, and judging from this post y'all don't know how to / don't want to make a move yourself. Follow your advice to me and JUST DO IT...