Friday, March 2, 2012

Verizon Wireless wants half Eddie!

For the past 2 months I have been fussing and shaking my fist at Verizon Wireless. For reasons I can't justify now, I switched service from Sprint. After comparing wireless plans, I decided to port my number over to Verizon since they were having a promotion for 4gb of data at $30 a month. I got a free phone and kept on stepping.

After using the phone for a while (less than the 14 day trial period) I picked up on the limitations the service had compared to Sprint. Verizon charges for EVERYTHING. Visual voicemail $1.99, GPS $9.99, etc etc. I shouldn't be nickled and dimed to death after already paying for data. No. So I ported my number over. The end.

Or so I thought.

I get a bill in the mail from Verizon. I opened it expecting a bill for the days I used. Nope. $490!!!! Um, what the hell? I hopped on the phone and was assured that it was a mistake. The computer thought I cancelled after the 2 weeks and the bill would be adjusted. Whew, fine.

Not fine. Got another bill same $490.

Called, bill was adjusted. 

Another bill, The bill was adjusted alright, leaving a balance of $140. Huh? $140 for ten days of service. Nah. Still can't be right. Four customer service agents later, balance is still the same.

I decide to do something different. Today I tweet @VZWSupport about my problem. They send me a link to verify my identity and I waited for them to address my problem. Verizon and I followed each other on Twitter so we can DM (direct message, similar to emailing or texting). And this happened:

Verizon: 1/2 I reviewed the billing. It appears there was minute overage due to prorated allowance bc of disconnect. I credited the
I got happy, thinking my billing issues were over...

Verizon: 2/2 total overage of $36.90. The balance is now $103.62. ^AE
Ugh. No. Still not right. So I sent a response.

Me: What's the bill breakdown? I can't believe it's that high for 10 days of service.

Verizon: 10days (12/21-12/23) is $6.00. You also got charged a month in advance (12/24-1/23) $59.99 for your plan & $30.00 for data. ^KH
My IMMEDIATE response.

Me: So even though I didn't keep service, I still got charged a month in advance? This seems unreasonable

Silence. 2012 is trying me already. I've never been tested so much in my life. If my bill isn't adjusted to account for the charges I actually used? Lordt! Peace be still.


Edited: Verizon dm'ed me 3 more times to assure me that I should see an even lower bill than the $103. We'll see....

A bill will generate today, (takes about 3 days). This will have all credits/ taxes adjusted. Let's wait the 3 days & see. ^VS

The taxes will be adjusted, so it will be slightly less than $103. I would check the bal again after 3/7/12 to confirm. ^TH

The bill you are viewing is based on you keeping your service (month in advance). The new bill you receive will be adjusted.^MS

Did you notice how each message was from a different rep? I hope they communicated with each other before sending these msgs out. *shrugs*

-Toodles again

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